Here at Omega, we are all about living life.

Being a new parent is overwhelming and can be extremely daunting. We understand this and our latest partner, Anda House, based in Widnes, provides young people the opportunity to develop their parenting skills whilst bonding with their babies in a safe, holistic and therapeutic environment.

Each young person is given the opportunity to complete Omegas in house independent programs, gearing young people to enjoy their lives as parents to the fullest, through learning styles that are centred around the individual. Young people are also offered the opportunity to complete the Freedom Programme Domestic Abuse course, helping one to understand the impact it can have on their children should they have experienced trauma during their childhood. 

There is also of course a high level of staff support available to all of our young people to support them in delivering the best care they can to their child. Staff can support young people to attend appointments and professional meetings as well as community groups to help them and their babies integrate into the local community as they prepare for independence.

At Omega, life is our passion and supporting young people is what we do, that is why we are proud to work with Anda House, to continue delivering our service to all that need us!

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