Residential childcare registered manager

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Responsible to: 
  • Director
  • Responsible individual
Responsible for:
  • Residential childcare deputy manager
  • Senior residential childcare worker
  • Residential childcare worker
Job purpose:  An Omega Care Group Residential Childcare Registered Manager will deliver a sensitive and nurturing recovery-focused approach to children and young people aged between 10-19 years of age who have experienced adverse childhood experiences and present with behaviours which challenge. The role requires the post holder to promote a restorative culture and utilise skills of a trauma uniformed approach to meet the support needs of the individual children's social, psychological, behavioural cultural and educational needs. You will be committed to preserving a positive and flourishing home environment and will participate in tasks such as domestic duties and record keeping. The post holder will be a part of the home’s management team and clinical team. The role requires the post holder to lead their team in applying the Children’s Regulations and 9 quality standards within Omega Care Group’s restorative and recovery-based approach to support and allow all children and young people to develop. To have overall responsibility for the day–to–day management of a bed residential home for 10-17 year/ 16 & 17 olds with adverse childhood experiences. Key responsibilities:  Will include but are not limited to:
  •   To work very closely with the responsible individual to ensure the running of the home is to a high standard meeting Ofsted quality standards.
  •   To preserve and develop a positive, flourishing, and safe home environment
  •   To foster and indorse 9 quality standards within all areas of practice.
  •   To facilitate Omega Care Group’s trauma-informed approach to supporting children and young people with adverse childhood experiences.
  •   Preserve a sensitive and nurturing recovery focussed approach through person-centred engagement and interaction to support the realisation of potential and promote a positive sense of self-worth and personal identity.
  •   To provide warmth and care including personal care needs, encouragement of engagement in indoor and outdoor activities, cooking, cleaning, washing, shopping and budgeting pocket monies. Alongside promotion of self-care and independent skills.
  •   To ensure the home’s staff team enable young people to meet their cultural, faith-based and personal identity needs.
  •   To work closely with responsible individual and lead the home in continuously developing the home in the best interest of the young person.
  •   To uphold Omega Care Group restorative culture aimed at building relationships and empowerment.
  •   To attend management days in developing children residential homes services through sharing information, review of reg 44 reports and internal quality assurance audits
  •   To work throughout 6 monthly period in building Reg 45 report
  •   Develop action plans relevant to any reg 44 feedback as agreed with responsible individual
  •   To support the staff team in capturing key evidence for Ofsted in relation to child’s development utilising Omega Care Group recording system
  •   Completion of SOP, workforce development plan & Reg 45
  •   Completion of all Omega Care Group management audit tools
  •   To retain overall responsibility for the general day–to–day running of the home including the standards of both national and local regulations, ensuring the maintenance of high quality of care.
  •   Adherence to the protection of children standards to safeguard Omega Care Group’s children welfare and wellbeing. This is inclusive of upholding a safeguarding ethos and working towards reducing missing from care, child sexual exploitation and child criminal exploitation and any other forms of child exploitation through Omega Care Group procedure and protocols.
  •   To facilitate and contribute to agreed risk management measures centred around individual child’s needs.
  •   Develop and promote the engagement of accessible and meaningful education and training opportunities in line with the education standard and ensure this is completed through the home’s staff team.
  •   Ensure the home is supporting in delivering any transitional or moving on plans as outlined within the child’s or young person's care plan/placement plan/pathway plan
  •   To work within the numbers or supernumerary as agreed with the strategic management team
  •   To complete informal checks on the home across the seven-day week
  •   To work in partnership with each young person to actively promote the voice of the child.
  •   To contribute to the development of the child through the provision’s recovery-based environment and being a committed and consistent adult role model.
  •   To ensure pocket money/petty cash receipts are retained for financial auditing records.
  •   To ensure the home is supporting the child with onsite or mainstream education attendance completing homework and other school-related activities.
  •   To ensure each child has a children residential care plan, risk management plan and behavioural support plan
  •   To ensure staff understand policies and procedures through informal assessment and review of practice.
  •   To understand and adhere to all policies and procedures within Omega Care Group Homes and the Homes Standard Operating Procedures.
  •   To ensure current and meaningful risk management plans are complied with and updated where required.
  •   To be an active and encouraging manager, establish and maintain effective communication and good relationships with the young people, relatives, employees in the home and with others externally such as professionals in the caring environment, outside suppliers and agencies.  
  •   To ensure both yourself as the registered manager and all staff are completing recording documentation appropriately in line with Omega Care Group standards.
  •   Uphold and maintain child-friendly detailed files documenting progression in line with the care planning standard including weekly and monthly file audits.
  •   Work alongside the home management team to uphold and adhere to regulation and relevant framework. Including Working together to Safeguard Children 2018 and Children Regulations 2015
  •   Utilise Omega’s recording and reporting procedures to ensure effective information sharing is maintained with all relevant stakeholders in line with GDPR standards.
  •   To ensure you as a Registered Manager oversee and task allocation sheet for the whole home’s staff team. 
  •   To ensure all tasks within the task allocation sheets are within the remit and capacity of senior residential child care worker and residential child care worker.
  •   To operate under safe working practices as outlined within Omega’s policies and procedures. This is inclusive of H&S practices and procedures.
  •   To ensure that you and the team meet Health and Safety requirements and they are updated and maintained to standards as required by Ofsted and in accordance with HASWA 1974 
  •   To take into consideration when planning your shift, activities, health appointments, meetings, their hygiene routine times to ensure that all children’s needs are met throughout. 
  •   To be committed to being on call and being available during your on-call period for anyone who needs further advice/support. 
  •   To ensure that the staff are supervising the children at all times and have the confidence to address any staffing/practice issues raised whilst on your shift. 
  •   To report any safeguarding concerns to Omega Care Group Designated Lead Safeguarding Officer and follow the correct procedures. 
  •   To ensure all accidents (including children, employees and third parties) are recorded immediately using the correct forms and notification procedures.
  •   To administer medication to children who require it and ensure that you abide by the medication policies and procedures.                                          
  •   To refer to risk assessments and individual child plans and understand the content of these including in relation to away from home activities, trips and visits.
  •   To give staff handovers before commencing or leaving a shift engaging in a thorough handover to ensure staff can take over a shift safely.
  •   To complete a debrief every evening as part of your reflective practice, establishing any issues/positives from the shift. 
  •   To complete all your evening checks before retiring to the sleeping room. 
  •   To apply positive behaviour management/de-escalation strategies to effectively assist in the behaviour of the children and participate in physical interventions only as a last resort, where required.
  •   Operate within positive behaviour management procedures, Restrictive Physical Policy and Restraint Reduction Policy centred around de-escalation and trust. At times, staff will be expected to utilise approved restrictive physical intervention in the best interest of the child or young person. Any use of restrictive physical intervention will abide by training protocols and procedures adhering to Omega Care Group's pledge to Restraint Reduction Network.
  •   Ensure staff training records are kept up-to-date and accurate, linking in with the HR Department where required.
  •   To work with the HR team in relation to employee relations concerns and when conducting any fact finds, formal investigations ensuring reports are presented to a high standard.  
  •   To work with the home management team to manage work, leave requests and annual leave allowances
  •   To lead regular team meetings
  •   To monitor the monthly budget of the home and reporting to accounts
  •   To retain overall responsibility for ensuring that payroll is completed each month.
  •   Responsible for investigating any complaints, compiling reports and taking any appropriate action if required.
  •   Ensure that the child or young person’s medication management plans are completed accurately with the necessary guidance involved for the staff team. 
  •   Ensure that all staff are aware of the medication management plans and adhere to these at all times.
  •   Ensure that prescribed medication is ordered in a timely manner and regular stock checks are completed in order to support effective stock management of all medications.
  •   To appropriately delegate tasks to deputy manager which is supportive of their development
  •   To promote a healthy lifestyle and demonstrate positive and consistent adult role model behaviours.
  •   To understand each individual child with a commitment to a mindful relationship with the children remaining emotionally attuned with a willingness to understand how the world feels from the child’s perspective.
  •   To take a significant lead in any admissions and discharges to and from the home
  •   To deal with all prospective/potential young people for the home, including providing relevant information and guided tours, assessing potential/new young people in conjunction with responsible individual and Omega’s Strategic management team.
  •   To welcome new young people to the home, complete appropriate records and paperwork and ensure adequate arrangements are made for every new young person.
  •   Show an ability to build trust with children and offer strategies to help children manage their inner anxieties and manage their feelings and behaviour.
  •   To encourage the physical, emotional and social needs of our children remaining sensitive to the needs of children, taking account of protected characteristics.
  •   To identify and set consistent rules and boundaries to modify unacceptable behaviours using Omega Care Group recovery model for emotional regulation.
  •   To assist the children to help gain social awareness of other peers or adults and develop a relationship by building trust with the child.
  •   To contribute to and implement care plans and write clinical progress reports on children as directed by relevant stakeholders.
  •   To observe, prepare and participate in regular consultations, reviews and professional meetings for the children and other meetings as required, ensuring looked after children documentation is kept up to date.
  •   To safeguard children at all times and be alert to signs of distress or abuse and where necessary refer on to Omega Care Group designated lead safeguarding officer, to ensure children can be monitored and protected appropriately.
  •   To follow, promote and ensure safeguarding procedures are always met by adhering to the relevant policy. 
  •   Ensure effective staff inductions, probationary reviews and staff support sessions take place. To carry out regular supervisions, appraisals, assessments and team meetings, ensuring the home is a friendly, supportive and caring environment.
  •   Make regular checks throughout the day for referrals and respond to any suitable referrals as a priority
Qualification bar: 
  • On successful completion of Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management there will be an increase in hourly rate

The post holder will be expected to carry out any additional duties or tasks commensurate with their role, as identified by their line manager or management team.

All posts within Omega Care Group are subject to the Safer Recruitment process. This includes receipt of a satisfactory enhanced DBS and two appropriate satisfactory references.

This post is exempt from the provisions of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974.

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