Why do we care so much? It's personal

We believe that children are the future and that they deserve to feel safe and loved at all times. We understand that looked-after children may not have historically had the same chances and opportunities as their peers, but we would like to change that. We set out back in 2015 to provide quality care to any child who needed our services, whether that is short or long term.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide the basic things people need, to give them the opportunity to be the person they were destined to be. And this is due, in part, to our founder Alex.

Our Founder

Born in London with a Cypriot background, our Founder Alex had a complicated upbringing. Being placed in foster care at 12 and in a children’s home at 15 he experienced a care system that was broken and, in his opinion and needed significant improvement to support the children it was supposed to be nurturing. Alex always had a vision for providing care in the way he would have wanted to experience it. Having volunteered and worked in a number of homes over the years, Alex founded Omega in 2015 with a vision for empowering children through the provision of people-focused care. So since 2015, Alex has been committed to investing in delivering the highest standards of care. With a bold ambition for the future, Alex now works across our group of companies with a sharp focus on doing everything he can, across all aspects of the industry, to transform people's lives through the experience they receive.

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