At one time or another, we have all been presented with the question ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’. The answers vary; pirate, bus driver, princess, police officer to name a few. But if you’ve grown up to become a kind, compassionate, and ready for a challenge individual, a career in care might be perfect for you. Following the Covid-19 pandemic, care and social work professions have been held in even higher regard than before, keeping young and vulnerable people safe during an incredibly traumatic time is no easy feat. We clapped for our NHS, our care services, and our very own staff.  There are so many reasons to pursue a career in social care. 


No two days are the same. As with any job working in a people-oriented field, each day brings new joys and new challenges. These positions are often 0 hours so you can work your hours around other commitments. However, care is required around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Evenings work better for you? Have a midweek commitment? All possible with a career in care. You will be surrounded by colleagues who share the same vision as you. Your care team will become your community.


Contrary to belief, you do not require a degree to work in this field. In most cases, you will be required to have 2 GCSEs to be accepted onto a level 2 social care course or similar. These courses will often have the option to progress to level 3 and above with a placement inside a care facility.  This is the perfect career to learn both in the classroom and on the job with most facilities willing to offer training and time for employees to undertake a qualification alongside their position.  They say you learn something every day and in this industry that is true. Each child we care for has their own complex history and comes with their own individual needs, something you will learn to understand during your time in this industry.

Make a real difference 

It is important not to forget who this role is really for, the vulnerable young people in our care system. In this role, you are truly changing someone’s life. From taking in emergency cases, making sure they are safe and settled into their new home, to longer charges who need more complex routines and care.  It isn’t all empathy and serious business. The point of a care home is that it feels like a home. Spend your Sundays baking cupcakes, listening to a younger one read, play a board game and have a chat!

Your next career move?

A career in care is incredibly rewarding. If you are kind, compassionate, and have a genuine passion for helping to prepare young people for adult life, you are exactly what the industry needs. The differences you make extend far beyond that shift, that day, that week. Helping a child to stay safe and secure gives them a better chance to thrive as they grow older and become healthy members of society.

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